Who is J. Andrew Gilbert?

llustrator and graphic designer, J. Andrew Gilbert was born and raised in Brazil. In 4th grade he took a drawing class and ever since has pursued a career with illustration and graphic design. Always a dreamer bubbling with emotions, he felt illustration and graphic design made it possible for him to communicate emotions and concepts in different ways from the written or spoken word.

In 2012, he began freelancing and soon landed a one-year graphic design internship at Ultimato publishing house for his gap-year before moving for college in 2015.

He currently lives in Grand Rapids, MI, where he pursues a BFA focused on Illustration at Calvin College. There he has had the opportunity to work with the Calvin Theatre Company illustrating and designing each show’s poster, since 2017. He has also grown as a teamworker and leader through his responsibilities in representing the Visual Arts Guild, as Vice-President and now as its President, while also working as a Student Manager at the campus’ dining hall.

He has volunteered at a reader-mentorship program at a local middle-school and participates on Dialogue’s editorial staff, Calvin College’s student-led creative journal.

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