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Here’s the thing. I’m a man, and I’m okay with that. There’s nothing I felt was special or exciting about that. But I was okay with that. I’m a man, I was a boy, I’ve always been male.

But the struggle I’ve had with gender identity is that of limitation. Being said you can’t wear high heels, you can’t play with dolls, you can’t read romances, and you can’t cry or wear makeup (unless you’re in theatre.) And for some people that’s fine. They don’t want to wear makeup. But I do. At least every now and then.

The funny thing is, that there’s still a part of me that can’t make a moral argument for the blending of gender-assigned symbols. Ok. Like I think it’s right, but I have no reasoning or argument behind it, it just feels like it should be right. I can see friends of mine questioning that aspect of this project. And I’m not sure how I would respond. I think in part I would like to say, “Just look at the pictures. How can that be wrong? They are beautiful.” And I guess that’s part of my internal debate. Is beauty an argument? A valid argument?

I do hope it is.

But without further ado.

JAndrewGilbertChizuknok and JakeNoahVerBeekChizuknok LongkumertrioJakeSchottSebastianJalaNoah and Andrew


I’d like to clarify that the models had very little knowledge of what words I’d write here about these pictures. They might agree, disagree, ignore, pretend to think one way or another, I don’t know. So, everything here is my opinion and mine only. Though you’re welcome to share of it.
Photography: Mimi Mutesa
Make-up artist: Nelson Bates
Noah Ver Beek
J. Andrew Gilbert
Sebastian Jala
Chizuk Longkumer
Jake Schott

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