To Wear a Hat

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Last Friday I “launched” my webcomic.

The Wednesday before that, I was drawing the page and I was scared. Nervous. I realized how unexperienced I am with the comics format and with storytelling. I was worried rather people could understand the story. Did they get the plot? Am I showing too much and not letting the audience fill it in? Or am I saying too little and the audience doesn’t have enough to work off of? Is it funny? Or endearing?

And one of the biggest questions of all: Will people… like it?!

I have very little idea what I’m doing. I never saw myself as a storyteller, but now I am putting out this webcomic for the world to see and judge. Man this theme of the judging world comes up a lot. Maybe it’s because I feel it a lot.

Now, I’m trying to embrace the visual storyteller hat and to wear it with pride – lacking shame. To embrace my identity as a writer and a comic artist. The Visual Storyteller. Ah. It’s one more struggle isn’t it? To see myself as what I am trying to be. But we’re trying. We’re going.

Because that’s all we can do. Keep on going. Keep on dreaming.

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